In Development

The Mobile Power Plant Trailer


 Our Mobile Power Plant Trailer (MPPT) was developed utilizing:

  • Two of Kynetic Energy Solutions’ proven 5 kWh Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) developed for the off-grid telecommunication tower market to provide reliable, economical electrical power to replace diesel generator dependent sites

  • 10kW of tracking Solar PV Panels

  • 50 kW of Capacitance Battery Storage, the latest in Battery Energy Storage technology

  • A 50kW Diesel Generator as an emergency backup

To ensure that our MPPT would comply with the required extreme operating conditions of TPS, we partnered with Arne’s Welding Ltd.; an established provider to the military of trailers systems capable of operating in the extreme northern hemisphere and/or southern hemisphere environments; to develop a ruggedized trailer acceptable to the DnD.

The result is our KES Mobile Power Plant Trailer capable of delivering sufficient power if in the event the wind and sun operating conditions extend beyond historical norms for the intended areas. The backup power from both battery storage and diesel generators allow for 5 days of autonomy.

The 5 kWh VAWTs are developed to operate in minimal wind speeds as low as 3 m/s or 10 km/hr.  This coupled with proven weather coatings on the VAWT blades specifically developed for extreme conditions; we provide a unique economical and reliable solution for off grid power needs.

In addition, the MPPT would also provide an economical solution in providing emergency power for the many wildfire areas that are being found throughout the entire world.  Our MPPT could also be adapted with a temporary communication tower that would really address the many issues of temporarily restoring power and communications while permanent repairs are being worked on.


The power generated by the MPPT will benefit the environment greatly through reduced dependencies on fuel, reduced Greenhouse Gas emissions, and reduced environmental risks for fuel spills since generators will require less fuel-ups.

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