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The Most Efficient Wind Turbine for Off-Grid Power Generation

Minimize operating costs and dependence on diesel fuels with our Canadian made, 5kW Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) Solution.


This system can tie into your existing battery banks and/or generator(s) and optimize your power generation. This will greatly reduce your need for constant diesel fuel and transportation costs to a generator.

Product Excellence


• Generate power in 3 m/s low wind speeds

Self-starting, motor-less turbine design

• Minimal maintenance and nil vibration

• Aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly

• Omni-directional / 360 degree wind pick up, including updrafts using our Savonius-Darrieus blade design

Unmatched durability, operated and tested in many extreme weather conditions

Efficient Energy Controls

A reoccurring issue that many Vertical Axis Wind Turbines run into is being able to efficiently pull energy that has been created without putting too much demand on the turbine that will cause it to then stall. Our Turbine is controlled by our own custom controller to ensure a smooth and accurate DC voltage that will ensure a constant flow of energy with the prevailing wind flow and no loss of energy; this is because we have reengineered and improved the power curve that most VAWT's use.



Turbine Type

Maintenance Requirements

Savonius-Darrieus Hybrid (drag-lift) will take wind from any direction

Very Low, Double Bearing in a sealed housing with synthetic oil replace oil 10-15 years (Patent Pending)


Expected Life

2 Years

15-25 years


General Capacity

Turbine Output

5000 Watts

1-5000 Watts

AC 3 Phase

Avg Rate Wind Speed

Rotation begins at

Generation begins at

Cut off Wind Speed

Operating RPM

Braking System





3.5Kw @ 10m/s

2m/s Wind Speed

3m/s Wind Speed

70 mph / 145 km/h

70-120 RPM

ANA-5000 Over Rotate Control System, designed to keep the turbine operating under 140 RPM up to 145 km/hr

Three wind blades mounted directly to generator

Powder Coated

65db @15ft (4.5m)

Minimal Vibration


Height of Blades

192 in / 488 cm

Blade Depth

29 in / 74 cm

Blade Width

10 in / 25 cm

Diameter of Turbine with Blades


Weight of Turbine

78 in / 198 cm

292 in / 742 cm

1689.22 lbs / 766.21 kg

Wind Turbines Designed to Last

Durability tested in Canada's harsh winters and hot summers with temperatures ranging from -45 to +40 degrees Celsius. Our turbines have gone through multiple durability and output test to ensure the engineering and mechanics of each turbine are of the highest quality. We currently have turbines in testing at the Red River College wind tunnel facility.

Minimal Maintenance Requirements

The Kynetic Energy 5kW VAWT (Vertical Axis Wind Turbine) is extremely durable and will last a long time as it does not have a drive shaft or gearbox; it also doesn't have brushes, bushings, or slip rings. 


The only moving part it has is one sturdy long-life bearing which makes this an ideal product for various applications.

This turbine's design offers users little to no required maintenance and an expected life span of up to 25 years, with 2 years of warranty coverage against defective products and workmanship.

Tower Install Options


The Kynetic Energy 5kW VAWT (Vertical Axis Wind Turbine) is mountable to any variety of tower. We recommend the tower be installed no less than 10 meters above any obstruction and with a distance twice the height of the obstruction.

This video shows one example of a Hydraulic System powered by a generator to lift the turbine at our Test Site in St. Malo, MB. NO crane or large equipment required for this type of tower. This is important in locations where a crane cannot access the site.

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